Since 2018, I have been an External Lecturer at the Danish School of Media & Journalism, teaching a module on Cross-Media. The course is for students on its BA Corporate Communication degree.

I was also a Guest Lecturer at Copenhagen University, teaching a workshop on Branded Content to postgraduate students on its MA Cross-Media degree.

I have a BA Combined Honours in Politics and Sociology from the University of Liverpool.

​In 2020, I completed a Master's by Research degree at the University of Birmingham. The thesis 'Old News, Young Views' explored how young adult audiences aged 16-34 engage with news content on digital and social media platforms. It included a review of the literature on incidental news exposure, personalisation, filter bubbles and echo chambers, plus original qualitative research with input from Editors of ITV News, Channel 4 News, 5 News and Sky News. 


Presently I am embarking on a PhD titled 'Talking Heads', on the use of artificial intelligence for the communication of personalised (news) content.

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